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Abe Schickel Bio


Abe Schickel grew up on a small dairy farm in New York State, where he learned the joy and benefit of working hard.

He graduated from Cornell University in 1984, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy.

Abe lives in Natick with his wife, Kathy, and their growing family of seven children.

Maryhill Clayworks

Abe's brother, Jacques Schickel, produces stoneware pottery, ceramics, and fine art sculpture at his studio near the farm where they grew up. You may visit his site: Maryhill Clayworks. You will be pleased at what you find.


As reviewed on a list...

Brookline, MA

"The experience working with Abe Schickel's team was great. The job had to work around construction and my families busy schedule. Abe was very professional in juggling his crew to finish my work as well as other contracts. He used the same team at my house to keep my elderly mother feeling comfortable about having workers in the house. His team performed an excellent job, taking time to carefully prepare and paint. Abe's team came back to finish and touch up areas, no problem at all. Its a pleasure to work with such a professional company. He definitely lives up to the Award which is why I hired him. I would rehire and highly recommend him to anyone. Even my contractor was impressed with their work ethic, especially the way they cleaned up after each job."

"Professionalism and work ethic."
- Edward Y.

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Meticulous Preparation

Good painting starts with meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

"If only the whole world worked so smoothly."
- Carrie N.