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Needham, MA

"My family recently moved into a house that hadn't had any recent updates (read: every room had wallpaper; maybe 30 years old). Prior to moving we wanted to take the wallpaper down and paint. I looked at three different contractors to get our work done, two through Service Magic and Abe Schickel through a List. The other two contractors had lower prices, but Abe's professionalism and competence was clear from the time he first assessed the job. We had a tight time frame we were certain he could meet. During the job his crew was timely, worked long hours, and cleaned up extremely well after themselves. I'm convinced that the quality of the work is far superior to what the other contractors would have provided. I am very satisfied with Abe's work and would not hesitate to recommend him and his crew to others. Some contractors you constantly have to watch the quality and ensure that they show up on time; with Abe I never had to worry about either of these concerns."

"This is the first time I've used this company."
- Brad D.

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Meticulous Preparation

Good painting starts with meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

"If only the whole world worked so smoothly."
- Carrie N.