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Organizing Package

When you decide to hire Abe Schickel & Co., Inc., we ask you to consult this organizing package. Use it to plan and communicate how you want your job done.


It is Easy!

__ Contents: __I. Choosing-your-colors__

How to choose colors and what to do with choices.

__II. Rules-of-thumb-and-restrictions__

Hints for choosing colors and possible restrictions on color choices.

__III. Stores__

Local stores that sell Benjamin Moore Paint.

__IV. Job-organising-questionaire__

A few questions to help us organize your project.

__V. My colors__ __


__ __



Record your Exterior and Interior color choices and other paint information

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Meticulous Preparation

Good painting starts with meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

"If only the whole world worked so smoothly."
- Carrie N.