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Interior Painting

Interior painting demands special care for furniture, floors and adjoining rooms: we don't want dust entering rooms we are not painting. We transform old, worn rooms by stripping aged wallpaper, repairing cracks, plastering pocked walls and ceilings to perfection and topping it off with your carefully chosen colors or new wallpaper. And what a change! I am still amazed by the transforming power of paint.

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Exterior Painting

For exterior painting, we begin by washing siding and trim if it is dirty. We protect bushes, sidewalks, driveways and lawns with drop cloths. We thoroughly scrape all loose, peeling and bubbling paint and hand sand glossy surfaces so the paint we apply bonds securely. Being certain the wood is dry, we prime the surface. Then we caulk cracks and joints in the wood. Caulking prevents water from entering the wall and enhances the tightness and beauty of the house.

After completing the preparation, we neatly apply an even coat of finish paint. We clean up paint chips and sweep sidewalks and driveways. The results are beautiful and durable.


Our Organizing Package

We send a comprehensive organizing package with the written proposal. It helps you to think out all the elements of your project. We find that it makes for an efficient and orderly project.

As reviewed on a list...

Newton, MA

"Very good experience. Abe was very thorough in writing up the estimate. He asked many questions to make sure that the work would be exactly what I wanted. He took his time and made sure that we both agreed on all of the details - where more priming/scraping had to be done, how many coats, what type of paint and finish, etc. He did not do the work personally, but has his own employees who did the job after receiving very detailed instructions from him. The two painters he had do the work for me were very courteous, quiet, clean, hard-working and easy to communicate with. They were a pleasure to have in the house and did the work exactly as expected. Abe made sure to check with me that the work was going well, and that it had been completed to my satisfaction. He also was kind enough to answer questions I had on an unrelated matter, and which I needed help with. Very nice man, very fair, good company overall!"

"Very thorough and detail-oriented."
- Ann E.

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Meticulous Preparation

Good painting starts with meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

"If only the whole world worked so smoothly."
- Carrie N.